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The New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants (NJSCPA) is the only community for New Jersey CPAs providing support, contacts, and networking and professional development opportunities that help CPAs make sense of a changing and complex world. There are several categories of membership:
  • Fellow Membership: Open to anyone holding a CPA license from any state.

  • Associate Membership: Open to any chartered accountant or its equivalent in any country other than the United States.

  • CPA Candidate: Open to anyone who has received an undergraduate and/or graduate degree (or its equivalent from a non-U.S. jurisdiction), meets the requirements necessary to take and demonstrates intent to complete the CPA examination; or, anyone who has successfully completed the CPA examination, has not met the education or experience requirements necessary to obtain a CPA certificate/license but demonstrates intent to do so.

  • Student Membership: Open to anyone who is enrolled in an undergraduate or full-time graduate education program that will result in qualification to take the CPA exam.

Membership in the New Jersey Society of CPAs is renewable annually on June 1. Your first-year dues are prorated based on the date of your membership application, as indicated in the chart below. Members who join between June 1, 2014, and February 28, 2015, will renew their membership on June 1, 2015. Members who join between March 1 and May 31, 2015, will renew on June 1, 2016.

Category of Membership Date of Membership Application
Fellow Member - licensed 3 years or more $315 $235 $155 $315*
Fellow Member - licensed less than 3 years $285 $210 $140 $285*
Fellow Member - living AND working outside of
New Jersey
$158 $115 $80 $158*
Associate Member $158 $115 $80 $158*
CPA Candidate Member $89 $89 $89 $89*
Student Member (one-time fee) $40** $40** $40** $40**
Retired from all employment $89 $89 $89 $89*

 * Members who join between March 1 and May 31, 2015, will renew on June 1, 2016.
** Student Members pay a one-time fee of $40 and do not pay an annual renewal fee until they move up to the CPA Candidate Membership category.

10 Great Reasons to Join the New Jersey Society of CPAs Membership

1. Get frequent updates on industry changes. Getting information to members is what we do best. By maintaining your membership, you’ll continue to hear about essential legislative and regulatory issues and vital developments affecting your bottom line through online and print publications and news resources.
2. Learn what innovative business leaders know. Attend NJSCPA Education Foundation seminars, conferences and networking forums to stay current with changes in technology, technical pronouncements and court rulings crucial to your job. Members can save as much as $1,500 every three years.
3. Make a difference for New Jersey’s CPAs. By just being a member, you’re part of the strongest voice for New Jersey’s CPA profession. The NJSCPA evaluates and monitors legislation and keeps an eye on developing trends. Plus, we report the latest news and help you know when to take action. When we promote the interests of CPAs before the state legislature, regulatory bodies and other organizations, your voice is heard.
4. Advance as a professional. Being involved in NJSCPA activities can bring your career to another level as you learn new skills and make key contacts. Enjoy learning from other members through Connect, the New Jersey Society of CPAs online community.
5. Choose the way to communicate. Even with email and voice mail, face-to-face interaction will never go out of style. Chapters, committees and resource groups allow you to exchange ideas and information and work with others around the boardroom, lunch, dinner or cocktail table.
6. Increase your clout. As a member, you can let your clients know that you belong to a more than 15,000-member organization dedicated to integrity and professional excellence. Increase your visibility and leverage your marketing dollars by becoming a media resource, writing for New Jersey CPA or speaking to schools, community groups or New Jersey business publications.
7. Advance the profession. The NJSCPA is relentlessly promoting the CPA credential. Membership makes image enhancement efforts possible so that your future clients, the media and the public know that today’s CPAs are business partners, analysts, strategists, financial planners, business valuators and trust-worthy advisors performing at high levels in a complex business environment.
8. Save time and money. You can experience discounts on products, bank services, insurance, CPA exam prep, entertainment and more through the Member Benefits Marketplace.
9. Find business partners, employees or a job. NJSCPA membership means you can find potential business partners, employees or employers all in one organization through online or in-person networking and through our accounting job bank.
10. Invest in your future. The NJSCPA helps sustain the future of your profession by looking ahead to envision the next generation of the profession and taking initiatives that make sense for your future. The needs of business change and expand, so too will the CPA. NJSCPA membership keeps you prepared.