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Marketing Tool Kit

Welcome to the CPA Marketing Tool Kit. Developed as a joint project of the American Institute of CPAs and the New Jersey Society of CPAs, the tools offered here are intended to help CPAs promote their practice and services. What follows is a host of resources and information to assist you in your marketing and communications efforts. You may want to use these tools to:
  • Attract new clients and improve relations with existing clients
  • Offer a public service to those in need of financial assistance or information
  • Educate the business community and general public about CPA services
  • Increase visibility by giving the presentations to business, consumer and community groups

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Tax Season Resources

Each year consumers are faced with multiple options for tax preparation services, and it can be challenging for CPAs to remain top-of-mind during tax season.

The new paid tax return preparer regulation program adds to this challenge and creates an opportunity for CPAs to differentiate themselves as the most qualified tax experts.

The AICPA has prepared numerous new resources and tools designed to help CPAs distinguish themselves from competitors within their local markets. They help CPAs market their services, educate clients and prospects, and position CPAs as the premier providers of tax and financial planning services year-round.