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Group/Committee Communities

Through New Jersey Society of CPAs Groups and Committees, you will increase your exposure, build your network of resources and take charge of your success. Participate in ways that balance your life - in person, online and by phone. Take our 3-minute walk-through of the NJSCPA volunteer experience.

Get More. Get Involved. Become a part of a Group or Committee today.

Interest Groups

Ongoing Interest Groups help you build a network of people who face the same challenges and opportunities you do every day in the technical areas you specialize in or want to learn more about.  As an Interest Group member, you’ll benefit from

  • Face-to-face networking meetings (or participate by phone)
  • Discussions on Connect, the New Jersey Society of CPAs online community
  • Customized Continuing Professional Education
  • Access to expertise through eGroups
  • Shared resources
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Hands-on projects
NJSCPA has 11 Interest Groups providing a community for many critical accounting disciplines. You may become a part of or leave an interest group at any time.

Volunteer Committees

Volunteer committees allow members to work together in smaller groups to accomplish objectives and projects that support the NJSCPA mission and strategic plan. Regular in-person or virtual attendance is encouraged in order to gain the most from your experience. Most committees meet 4-6 times per year. Committee appointment is for one year, from June through May. Committee re-appointment is not automatic. You will be asked to re-join each year.

Appointed Committees & Leadership Groups

NJSCPA’s appointed committees and leadership groups address the highest-priority issues of the profession. To be considered for a leader-level position, members must complete the Volunteer Interest Profile.