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Volunteer Projects

The New Jersey Society of CPAs has designed its volunteer opportunities with you in mind. You’ll be making a difference whether you want to write, reach out to students, serve the public, or share who and what you know. Take our 3-minute walk-through of the NJSCPA volunteer experience. To get involved with these short-term projects, complete the Volunteer Interest Profile.

Writing and Editorial Boards

  • Author/Content contributor: New Jersey CPA or Authoring articles on topics related to the accounting profession that affect NJSCPA members.

  • Author/Contributor: E-YoungCPA (EYCPA Writers Pool). Interested members will be added to the E-YoungCPA Writers Pool. Via monthly email, members are asked to write or contribute to articles or suggest ideas on topics relevant to future and young CPAs under 40 to be included in E-YoungCPA. E-YoungCPA is distributed the first Friday of every month, except April.

  • Author/Contributor:  and Your Money Matters. Authoring articles on topics related to the financial literacy, managing personal finances, tax and financial news and tips and other financial issues that affect the public.

  • Blogger. Bloggers regularly share opinions, resources, experiences and commentary about a particular topic on Connect, the New Jersey Society of CPAs online community. Blogs are generally interactive and require the author to respond to feedback by readers. Recommended frequency, depending on the number of contributors, can vary from monthly or bi-monthly or weekly. Average blog length is 200 words to 500 words.

  • Editorial Board for New Jersey CPA.The Board meets annually to plan themes and feature article topics. Members are asked to author at least one article and provide feedback on other content.

For and About Students

  • Pay It Forward Speaker. NJSCPA members volunteer to make presentations about the CPA profession at any high school in NJ. Presentations, give-aways and talking points are all provided.

  • Editorial Board for Tomorrow's CPA. Tomorrow's CPA is the NJSCPA e-newsletter is written by students and geared toward the needs of the accounting students. The editorial board is comprised of student members and decides the topics and authors for each issue and may submit articles for publication.

  • Speaker or Featured Member for Various Student Programs. NJSCPA relies on its members to share their professional story and their depth of knowledge and experience to college and university students and educators at various events. In addition, the Society profiles members in niche areas to help students and educators alike become aware of the wide range of opportunities available to CPAs.

  • NJSCPA Mentor Program. Members are needed to encourage and guide our scholarship recipients as they transition from high school to college and then into the accounting profession through meaningful contact for the duration of the student’s undergraduate career.

  • CPA Exam Cram Blog Author. The CPA Exam Cram Blog is an online record of the trials, tribulations and triumphs of members preparing for and taking the CPA Exam. Multiple members are asked to write weekly about their experiences, which can include studying techniques/tips, how they feel after taking an exam section, waiting for their scores, balancing studying and working with their social life, or whatever is on the blogger's mind. Bloggers also respond to reader comments and questions.

  • NJSCPA Student Ambassador. Student Ambassadors reach out on their own college campus and encourage students to consider accounting as a career choice, publicize NJSCPA programs such as scholarship opportunities, Facebook, Career Night, The Scholars Institute and membership to their fellow students on their own campus.

Reaching the Community, Serving the Public

  • Financial Literacy Speaker. The NJSCPA’s financial literacy initiative reaches out to the community and educates the public on topics related to money management and fiscal responsibility. Financial literacy speakers participate in NJSCPA financial seminars in Roseland and other locations, and volunteer for outside speaking engagements with nonprofit organizations, professional organizations, corporations and other groups.

  • Tax Call-In Program Volunteer. Members answer phone calls from the public to assist them with income tax preparation. This program is usually associated with a media outlet such as the Asbury Park Press or News12 NJ.

  • Ask the Experts Contributor. The Ask the Experts program allows consumers to submit questions on a particular topic via the website. CPA volunteers answer questions via email. Past topics have included Personal Income Tax Filing, Year-End Tax Planning, Financial Planning, and College Planning. Each Ask the Experts topic runs for two months.


  • Expert Speakers for Media. The NJSCPA assists journalists by providing them with well-informed independent experts and other information to complete assignments. Member experts are needed for multiple topics related to taxation personal financial planning, forensic accounting. Members with expertise in industries or business sectors such as banking, real estate, non-profits or government are also needed.

  • Podcast Presenter/Host.The NJSCPA records a monthly series of audio podcasts on different financial literacy topics and also records podcasts for members on various topics including career development, technology and professional updates. Speakers are “interviewed” on the phone responding to a series of pre-determined questions developed jointly between the host and speaker. Speakers are selected based on their area of expertise and interests.

  • Presenter for NJSCPA Chapter Events. NJSCPA Chapters looks to its pool of members with speaking experience and technical expertise to present 1-4 hours of educational (CPE) topics related to the accounting profession or other issues that affect NJSCPA members.

  • Presenter for NJSCPA Conferences. NJSCPA Education Foundation looks to its pool of members with speaking experience and technical expertise to present 1-4 hours of educational (CPE) topics related to the accounting profession or other issues that affect NJSCPA members.

Sharing Who and What You Know

  • Social Media Champion. Social Media Champions are actively involved in building connections with accounting professionals through social media and are interested in making an impact via NJSCPA social mediums including Connect, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. You may be asked to provide feedback, make posts, blog, participate in polls, comment on postings and encourage participation by reaching out to your contacts.

  • Legislative Keyperson. The New Jersey Society of CPAs protects the CPA profession by asking its Keyperson members to communicate the Society’s position on a critical issue to the legislators with whom they have a relationship (relationship can mean anything from knowing him/her on a casual basis because you live in the same neighborhood or attend the same place of worship, to a closer relationship based on personal or business ties).